#14 Flowered Woman

Flowered Woman I found this photo to be very interesting and different from what I typically see. This image shows how delicately the stems outline the woman’s face from her cheek bone structure to her closed eyes and eyebrows. The soft pink flower petals which form the woman’s lips give us an idea of it’s […]

#13 Palm Tree Resort

I really enjoy looking at the layout of this entire recreational environment. Because of my major, architecture, it inspired me to one day draw a plan of this same structure and make it come alive. The structure of this hotel looks very meticulous with each angled design and I will make sure that I make […]

#12 Big Ben

Because I have visited London before, and had actually seen Big Ben in person, I adore it. Because I have only seen it once in my life, makes me appreciate it ten times more. It was an honor to see it and visualize the detail, structure, and overall composition of the beauty of Big Ben. […]

#11 Graffiti

I like and appreciate the idea of professional graffiti. This is true especially if it is to promote a business or simply to attract outsiders. So many people do graffiti illegally on highways and on random places where they are not allowed. I feel like these people let a good talent go to waste. Rather […]

#10 Hidden Words

Hidden words in the form of cries is how I would describe this picture. As words fall from the woman’s eye, as tears, it is easy to understand why. Basically it seems as if she is keeping her feelings all built up inside rather than speaking them out. This is where the tears come into […]

#9 Golden Pups

Golden Retrievers are my favorite type of dogs and seeing this picture makes me happy. They’re cute, innocent, and fluffy. They look like they’re just enjoying life without worries.

#8 California

California I have used this specific picture many times as my screensaver because it looks so much like an antique photograph. The streets are not busy and the sunset makes the atmosphere feel really calm, warm, and settled. The cars are placed in the areas where an audience would look to and recognize first. This¬†initially […]